Underage Sales

Underage Sales Awareness

Level 2 Award in Underage Sales Prevention (QCF)
This accredited qualification is ideal for anyone working in a variety of roles relating to retail or in licensed premises. It provides information on legislation relating to age-restricted products and how to prevent the unlawful sale of age-restricted products such as alcohol, knives, aerosols, lottery tickets, cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco products, and fireworks. Subjects covered include underage sales prevention for retail and licensed premises, prevention of unlawful sales of age-restricted products and legislation.
How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?
This qualification is usually achieved by taking a one-day course.
How is the qualification assessed?
This can be done by either of the following two options:

Option 1 - Multiple-Choice Assessment Learners must answer a series of multiple-choice questions across the breadth of the course syllabus within a 30-minute time frame.

Option 2 - Open Response Assessment Learners must provide a short response to questions across the breadth of the course syllabus throughout the duration of the course