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Personal Licence Training (APLH)

This accredited qualification is ideal for those working in or preparing to work in any industry that involves the retail sale of alcohol. It is a requirement for anyone who wishes to hold a personal licence.

This qualification covers the main requirements of the Licencing Act 2003 and the legal responsibilities of a personal licence holder. Anyone wishing to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol by retail on licensed premises must hold a personal licence.

Subjects covered include purpose and period of validity of a personal licence, the application process and legal duties of a personal licence and Licencing law.
How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?
This qualification is usually achieved by taking a one-day course which is classroom based.

We can offer this course via E-learning so you can study in your own time and then take the exam at one of our set dates which saves you having to attend for the whole day, if you are interested in this avenue please book on via the link at the top of the page.
How is the qualification assessed?
It is assessed through a one-hour, 40-question multiple-choice examination. Candidates must achieve a score of at least 28 in order to pass.
Who Should Apply for a Personal Licence?
Anyone working in premises licensed to sell alcohol whose job role involves supervising or authorising members of staff to sell alcohol to the public. Managers, assistant managers or supervisors working in pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores or supermarkets should apply for a personal licence if their job role involves authorising or supervising sales of alcohol from their premises.
Need help with applying for your Personal Licence?
Why not let us help with the application process? Click on the link below and let us take the hassle out of this process for you.

Personal Licence Application