Food Safety
Level 1

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Food Safety Level 1

Mimas Training's Level 1 Food Safety e-learning course is an ideal induction to food safety. It is ideal for those staff members undergoing induction and training as part of any role that involves coming into contact with food.

It is also suitable for those learners who are taking a Level 1 Food Safety qualification
Why choose a Mimas Training course?
Mimas Training e-learning courses, make the most complex of subjects easier to understand through media and content-rich exercises that motivate and engage every type of person and how they learn.

What makes Mimas Training different is that our e-learning system and courses use:

Interactive exercises/gaming
Media-rich content
Interactive 3D scenarios
Content provided by market leading experts
Relevant photography and illustrations
Multi-generational content and style
And much more
What does it cover?
The course content, has been written by leading experts in the field of food safety and learners will cover the following topics:

Introduction to food safety
Microbiological hazards
Food Poisoning and its control
Contamination hazards and controls
Safe handling and the storage of food
Personal hygiene
Food pests and pest control
Cleaning and disinfection