Medicine in
Remote Areas

Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA)

The MIRA course has been designed to provide personnel who already have experience in Pre-Hospital Care, the added skills and knowledge to be able to deal with casualties in remote and challenging environments. The course focuses on stabilisation of the casualty, through to the skills required for prolonged field care until the arrival of the emergency services.

The MIRA course is ideal for medical professionals who work in or want to work within remotes areas as a tier 1 remote medic.
The content for this course is comprehensive and covers the following
Clinical scope of practice
Preparations and role of medical officer
Triage and crisis management
Patient assessment and diagnosis
Airway management (i-gel, LMA, and surgical airway)
Chest decompression
Chest and abdominal trauma
Shock, hemorrhage control (tourniquets, celox) and fluids with lethal triad
Fracture management and various splints (KTD, SAM splints & collar)
Skin issues and closure techniques
Minor injuries
Medical emergencies overview
Minor limb and back issues
Extremes of weathers
Altitude and mountain medicine awareness
Drugs and pharmacology issues
Prolonged patient care
RTC extrication (KED & spine board
Bites & stings (snake bites, scorpion, spiders)
Students are required to successfully pass the following assessments
Clinical scope of practice
Preparations and role of medical officer