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Monday, 11 December 2017

Top Ten Tips for a DPS

Top Ten Tips for a DPS

We've decided to put together our Top Ten Tips for a DPS, Christmas is nearly here and we know and understand that running your venue is taking priority, but we don't want you to end up in hot water by forgetting the fundamentals. 

  1. Ensure that the Premises Licence Summary is displayed on the premises in a location the public have access to - Remember if you don't do this it is an offence. 
  2. Make sure you have a full version of the Premises Licence (certified) easily available on the premises - Make sure it's somewhere safe, your office.  Also, make sure its easily accessible if needed as well.
  3. Make sure you are familiar with ALL of your Premises Licence Conditions. We know this sounds like a given, however, we come across very experienced managers and DPS's that are breaching their Licence and did not even realise.  If there is anything you don't understand in your Licence seek guidance from your local Licencing Authority or the Police Licencing Department.
  4. Organise your paperwork. Have an auditable record of important documentation such as training, refusals and policies, make sure you have backups and a copy of these as well. - A good way of logging refusals is to set a button up on your till and every time you refuse someone to log it on the till, whether it be too intoxicated or no ID.
  5. As a DPS you must delegate your authority to sell alcohol to all your serving staff members. Make sure this delegation is in a written format to record who you have authorised and given permission too. 
  6. Engage with your community, introduce yourself to local residence and participate in community functions, become a focal point for your area for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.
  7. Co-operate with the Responsible Authorities; Local Authority, Police, Fire Service, Trading standards etc....
  8. Make yourself aware of the offences contained within the Licencing Act 2003, don't get caught out because you didn't know something was an offence. Drunkenness levels are one to pay particular attention to as this often leads to other offences detailed in the Act.
  9. Ensure your 'Proof of age" policy and the scheme is promoted throughout your venue so your customers know why and what the requirements are.  Also, make sure this is enforced, the staff are trained correctly and know the acceptable forms of ID that you have authorised.  We always recommend a minimum of a challenge 21 policy and in late night economy venues in town centres, we say Challenge 25 should be adopted.
  10. Keep the Licensing Authority up to date with any changes made at the premises and changes of responsible personnel, along with any forms that have to be compleated and passed on to the Local Authority under the Act.

If you aren't sure on what policies or procedures you should have in place for your venue or you need any training, don't hesitate to get in contact with Ben in the office.  With over 16 years experience in the licencing trade from all levels and job roles, he has a wealth of knowledge that can help and assist you.

He can be contacted at the office number 01473 550350 or directly via email at

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

How GDPR will affect the use of CCTV.

According to the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) there are estimated to be up to six million CCTV surveillance cameras in the United Kingdom. Many businesses use CCTV systems for their security benefits, however, the images of people captured are classified as personal data.  Due to this, businesses must comply with the Data Protection Act, or from May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
Ben Lewry, Managing Director of Titans Security Limited, said: 
“As part of a businesses’ obligation under the legislation, you must tell people that you are taking their personal data. The most effective way of doing this is by using prominently placed signs in any area covered by CCTV. This should be at the entrance to the area, as well as within.
“Clear and prominent signs are particularly important when the CCTV cameras are placed discreetly or where people do not expect to be under surveillance. Signs should be prominent and frequent.
“Having CCTV signage is an added deterrent when it comes to protecting a property and cost very little to purchase and install.  Not having the correct signage in place is often where businesses fall short, especially within the licencing sector and events industry. If you are unsure about what signage is required and where to position it, it’s always best seeking expert help and visiting the Information Commissioner’s Office website.”

Titans Security CCTV Signage Check List:

✓ Signage should be clearly visible and readable. It will also need to show details of the organisation operating the system, the purpose of its use and who to contact if there are any queries.
✓ Signs should be an appropriate size in relation to its context. If the sign needs to be seen by a car driver it should be bigger, and if it is in a shop then a small sign would be more suitable.
✓ All staff should know what to do and who to contact if a member of the public enquires about the CCTV system. Any signs in a public area must show the organisation or authority responsible for the systems.
✓ Take care when it comes to positioning your CCTV cameras. Although your cameras may be positioned on site, they may still capture images of people walking by. If this is the case your CCTV signage should be visible outside the business too.
✓ Consider whether installing CCTV is necessary for the location it is in. It could be more cost-effective and better for the environment to use new signage or, for example in a car park, installing new lights instead of investing in an expensive system.

For any information regarding the use of CCTV systems, storing information and codes of practice it is advised to visit the website for the Information Commissioner's Office.
Mimas offer various training courses inline with the Security Industry Authority licencing framework including Level 2 Award for Working as a CCTV Operator (Public Space Surveillance) within the Private Security Industry.  More information on this course can be found here or by contacting the office directly on 01473 550350.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

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Friday, 28 July 2017

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